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    hey Gordo,hope you are keeping safe down there.lucky no fires up here in the Blue mountains



    Reply from Gordo:

    Hi Steve
    Yes I'm fine mate. I have some close friends who live in Boomer Bay, which is a tiny place near Dunalley where 15 houses were destroyed. I was convinced they must have lost their houses and desperately tried to conact them. Fortunately four fire brigades arrived for them just in time. The property up the road had been destroyed up the street and it was coming.

    Incredibly one of my friend's workplace is next to the bakery, and while that was destroyed his work was left untouched. Its incredible how selective fire can be.

    And it sounds like NSW had a massively hot day today and are expecting another towards the end of the week. So it seems like none of Australia is out of the bush at this point.
    Cheers mate, and thanks for writing.

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    Hi Mark

    ( nice name -  it's the name of my son, too)
    Yes, we booked our flight for 05/13/2011
    Now we have reduced from 7 to 3 persons, who will come to Steves concert.
    But one of the 3  - it's me!

    Of course I know Doris.

    I hope we will see us in London

    I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas



    Reply from Gordo:

    Hi there Monika
    Sorry about the reduction in your numbers for Steve's concert, but I'm glad you're still one of those going. I am definitely thinking of going at the moment. But I am going for a new job at the moment, and if I get it I probably won't be able to go. We'll see what happens I guess.
    I liked what you said on the Board about seeing both Andy and Steve. Well done on that. 
    Anyway, I hope you and your friends have a really happy Christmas.
    Best Regards
    Gordo (Mark)
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    Hi Gordo
    nice to meet you

    it is very kind that you ask for our problems with Steves concert.
    We are 5 women from a former German Sweetforum who wanted to visit the concert in 05/13/2011. Each of us goes working. So we've to extend the vacation and our flight has to be transferred from Friday to Thursday. For me and and one friend this will not be a problem, but with the other three ones this still has to be regulated. Otherwise we must cancel the tickets for them....... etc.,
     However, I hope we will manage it.
    And after managing all these troubles I would want a kneeling down and a kiss on my cheek from Steve! :)

    You are from Australia, am I right?
    Will you come to London,too?

    ( I hope you've understand my bad English)

    Kind Regards


    Reply from Gordo:

    Hi Monika
    Nice to hear from you. I am sorry to hear about your problems with tickets. I didn't really understand why the earlier concert on the Thursday is a problem. Are you arriving on Friday?
    I would like to go and see Steve too, but I will have to see what's happening with my work before I decide what to do.
    I have a friend from Germany on the Sweet Message Board already (Golden Doris) Do you know Doris?

    PS My real first name is Mark